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    Michael J. Nila Photo

    Michael J. Nila, Community Policing Expert

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015


    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.


    Col. Grossman is a former West Point Psychology Professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger who has combined his experiences to become the founder of a new field of scientific endeavor, which has been termed “killology.” He has made contributions to our understanding of killing in war, the psychological costs of war, the root causes of the current “virus” of violent crime that is raging around the world, and the process of healing the victims of violence, in war and peace.


    For more information on Col. Grossman, visit the killology website. Check out his books and watch his videos. Read the complete introduction on Col. Grossman on the Speakers' Page >>







Chief Kent Williams
Inge Sebyan Black, CPP, CFE

Security Management Specialist
Inge Sebyan Black, CPP, CFE

Tuesday, January 13, 2015:
Emerging Corporate Security
Threats and Policies

Partnerships between law enforcement and corporate security are more critical than ever because of our complex world and the overlap between individual’s personal lives and their professional lives. The top threats facing corporations today are also threats to law enforcement.

To assist and develop new partnerships, or enhance existing ones, law enforcement professioanls need to understand the serious threats facing corporations. And to take those partnerships to a higher level, learn how corporations handle high risk terminations, workplace violence and how they conduct risk assessments within their environment.

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MATC Criminal Justice Program
Assistant Chief Mike Zaro

Lakewood Assistant Chief Zaro

Thursday, January 15, 2015:
Murder of the Lakewood Four

On November 29, 2009, the Lakewood Police Department experienced one of the most traumatic losses in American law enforcement history. On that day a convicted felon on parole from Arkansas walked in to the coffee shop where four Lakewood Officers were on a break. The suspect entered with the singular purpose of murdering the officers. When the incident was over, four officers lay dead and one of the largest manhunts in history ensued. Assistant Chief Zaro will bring the facts of the incident, the lessons learned, and the effects on the department over the five years that followed. 

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